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Ashley Clement

Ashley Clement is Founder and CEO of the “mom-profit” organization Mama, Get Up! a Christian community for underserved mothers in the Philadelphia area.

The Founder Gets a Foundation

Ashley grew up in a loving Christian family with her father, mother and brother. She developed a passion for prayer by observing her mother, who instilled in her the values of compassion and empathy for the underdog. Ashley’s mother constantly loved on and encouraged those less fortunate, especially children without mothers, and she demonstrated the importance of prayer with every child she encountered. This powerful example gave Ashley the same heart, inspiring her to help and empower those around her through poetry and prayer.

A Mother Who Shares Herself

But it was only after Ashley married and became pregnant that she learned even more about her incredible mom. Wanting to prepare Ashley for the worst, her mother shared candidly about the difficulties she experienced while expecting Ashley, including a serious bout of postpartum depression soon after Ashley was born. Her mother humbly opened up about how dramatically it affected her as a new mother, but Ashley never imagined it could happen to her, too.

Problems Lead to Solutions

In August 2018, everything was pure joy when Ashley and her husband Frank brought home their son, Nathan. But it wasn't long before Ashley felt the debilitating effects of postpartum depression combined with anxiety, and heart failure due to preeclampsia experienced during labor. With a heart functioning at 20%, depression, and a sickly son she couldn’t bond with, Ashley cried out for help. She and her husband both felt that helpful healing could come from a supportive group of other moms in her community. Now she just needed to find one.

After finding some groups she was disappointed when she realized they were too far away to easily access or too financially expensive. Finally finding one that helped her get back on her feet, though far in distance, and lacked women of color, God prompted Ashley to begin her own. Compelled to create the change she needed, she founded a Christian mommy community for mothers in underserved communities like herself. Mama, GetUp! Was formed in 2019 in Philadelphia, PA and founded on what her mother instilled in her: prayer. Since it has flourished and evolved thanks to God’s guidance, prayer, and hard work. Now the organization hosts diaper drives and has brought numerous mommies peace through worship experiences such as prayer groups and bible studies. The goal is to keep all programming free to the mothers in her community and to assure them that everyone receives God’s love, empowerment, and sisterhood no matter their economic situation. To date, Mama, GetUp has served over 150 mothers through local programming. By the grace of God, every mother attached to this community will GETUP and rise in motherhood

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