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Asia Jones

Asia Jones is Member Support Services Team Leader of the “mom-profit” organization Mama, GetUp! A Christian community for underserved mothers in the Philadelphia area.

Asia Jones grew up as the eldest of 9 children, and her responsibilities with her younger siblings gave her the perfect preparation for being a mom herself. Asia is the proud mama to 3 beautiful children: Zion, Zara, and A’lasia. But life hasn't been easy for Asia as a single mother. She has gone through bouts of anxiety, fear, depression, as well as maternal and postpartum depression.


But if you know Asia, you know she's not the quitting type. To get herself through the difficult days, she dedicated her alone time to profitable introspection and spiritual activity by writing in journals, praying, and studying. Whenever able, she spent time with her friends, getting and giving encouragement and support. She also loves to spend time in church, where you'll usually find her praise dancing. Even just getting a car and license was tough while being a single mom, and there have been sacrifices along the way. But Asia has accomplished much besides raising her children: she graduated from Philabundance Community Kitchen's Culinary School and she runs a successful travel business.


Asia says, "Because of the supportive community that I gained being a member of MGU, I feel so connected to serving alongside the leadership of MGU to help mothers like myself. I want to help moms overcome obstacles, whether married or not. I want them to see they can Get Up and find themselves beyond being a mother. I feel the need to encourage, embrace, and empower the many women that need this community so they don't feel alone. I know how it feels firsthand to struggle and have so few resources to help me be a strong mother for my children and to take care of their needs."


"Also, I want to help be that safe haven for mothers to release their inhibitions and just talk without feeling judged or ashamed of what they might be going through. I see it in the black community, that there’s little to no support for mothers to receive emotional, physical, and mental support. As part of MGU, I can serve Mamas as we point them in the right direction of resources, information, and community support. We get to teach mothers how to love themselves again so they can be the vibrant members of our community they were meant to be."

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