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Karlotta Williams

Treasurer and Outreach Director

While I am technically retired, I have been married to Sheldon for 39 years, and we have two adult children and one active grandson, so some days it feels like I still have a full-time job!


I've been a licensed evangelist since 2010. I love leading evangelism and outreach ministries in various churches, and I also have a huge heart for young adults. This is the heart God gave me for His people.


Mama Get Up! means a lot to me, because I can personally relate to what our founder (my daughter!) Ashley went through. Postpartum depression in the 80’s just was not talked about, so you just had to deal with it alone. I sure wish I'd been a mother in this era and in a supportive community with someone like Ashley. She helps mothers to see that they aren't alone. Her mission is to help mothers get up and get moving by any means spiritually and naturally necessary, and my mission is to make sure we have the financial backing so that we can do all that God has placed on Ashley's heart to do.


One of my responsibilities as Outreach Director requires that I help raise donations, including food, clothes, back-to-school supplies, coats, backpacks, diapers, etc. Crazy thing is, I was raised in the Philadelphia housing projects, and people would come to our neighborhood and bring us these very same items that I currently help distribute to those in need. What people did for us they did not have to do. But it left a very big impression on my heart. Now I give because the Lord has blessed me,and because it's what the Bible teaches us to do.


As we grow, God is providing and expanding His vision, bringing others alongside us in ministry. Who knows where it will take us? I'm just along to bless others with the love of Jesus.

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