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Mama, Get Up!

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Mama, Get Up!

Providing mommy communities in Philadelphia!

I promised Jesus that if HE got me up, that every mama around me would get up!

Ashley Clement

The founder Ashley went through a terrible bout of postpartum depression/anxiety. In need of community, she began to search for mommy groups in her area. After searching on google, social media, and websites she found nothing in her area. If she found any, they were out of her price range or too far for her to travel.

Then one night, after a panic attack Jesus met Ashley on the floor. After rededicating her life to Jesus, he led her to begin a mommy group for mothers of color. Still doubting, Ashley went to a mommy group 30 minutes away from her. God met her and led her to heal there but even then, there were no mothers of color there.

After months of attending, a mother approached her and said "Ashley, Jesus doesn't want you to bring more mothers here. He wants you to begin your own." From then on, Ashley answered the call and began Mama, Get Up! To date, MGU has served over 200 mothers through its efforts!

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